The Team

The Carbide Labs team is a group of graduates from the Drexel Autonomous Systems Laboratory (DASL) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We have been working together in various capacities and combinations for most of the past decade. In that time, we’ve designed and built dozens of unmanned aerial, ground, and underwater vehicles, humanoid robots, and the controllers that drive them. Precision motion – along with the mechanics, electronics, and software required to achieve it, are second nature to us. We have a track record of solving complex, nebulous problems on tight budgets and tighter deadlines.

Dr. Rob Ellenberg

Mechanical Engineering & Feedback Control | BS Elec Eng, BS/MS/PhD Mech Eng

Rob is an expert in mechanism design and control systems. He has spent the past 6 years honing these abilities as a researcher in humanoid robotics.  As a roboticist he has gathered many years experience with mechanical systems, electrical systems, and programming. However, his speciality is kinematic and dynamic analysis.  His skill in this area is most clearly exhibited in his PhD dissertation topic: developing novel analysis techniques and algorithms for humanoid robots to perform fully articulated locomotion.

Dr. Keith Sevcik

Mechanical, Electrical, Controls | BS Elec Eng, BS/MS/PhD Mech Eng

Keith brings a balanced approach to mechanical, electrical, and control considerations, along with experience from a number of large collaborative projects. Keith currently designs satellite control systems for Lockheed Martin Space Systems, and was a key participant in the software qualification for GPSIII, the launch of 3 satellites, and the design of Lockheed’s new flagship commercial satellite platform. In 2009/2010, Keith acted as Chief Research Engineer for West Philadelphia High School in which a number of high school students, under the mentorship of Keith and the school teachers, designed and constructed a pair of hybrid-electric cars to compete in the Progressive Automotive X-Prize. Their inspiring story has been captured in the Frontline documentary “Fast Times at West Philly High”

RJ Gross

Manufacturing & Peer-Production | BS Mech Eng

RJ is the team’s manufacturing lead, bringing detailed insight into machining for production and prototyping. He’s spent the last four years managing a university machine shop where he’s overseen the creation of an adult-size humanoid robot utilizing minimalist machines and tooling. This experience has given him perspective on achieving professional quality parts with garage shop constraints.  RJ also specializes in CAD/CAM/CNC training on the Tormach Tooling Systems.  He has developed machining intensives and taught a CNC fundamentals course at the university level. RJ is currently teaching a three level Haas CNC course at NextFab Studios in Philadelphia, PA.

Shrey Shah

Project Management, Logistics, Administrative | BS Mech Eng

Shrey joins Carbide Labs from his current position as lead mechanical systems engineer on the US Navy’s Remote Minehunting Systems program. In this role, Shrey has provided systems engineering and project management skills to the billion dollars worth of contracts that make up the program. He was personally responsible for the identification and saving of $140 million in project costs.

Bob Sherbert

Electronics, Software | BS/MS Elec Eng

Bob is the team’s software and electronics guru. He put his skills to use at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), where he was awarded $50k in competitive R&D capital for the creation of security tools for the Android platform. Before his work with APL, Bob was a recipient of the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship for his Master’s thesis on the design of a novel DC motor controller, a process requiring extensive prototyping and assembly of printed circuits.