Social Media Blogs

Posted by RJ Gross on December 11, 2014  /   no comment

All our blog activity has moved off of to our social media outlets. To find out the most up to date information about Carbide Labs, please visit one of the following sites. Instagram: @carbidelabs Facebook: @carbidelabs Thanks! Carbide Labs team

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The NBM Show

Posted by RJ Gross on September 19, 2013  /   no comment

We visited “The NBM Show” at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, in Philadelpia PA. The show had vendors from  Awards & Engraving, Printwear and Sign & Digital Graphics. Our biggest draw was the laser cutters technology to aid in our PCB manufacturing. There was a cool Universal Laser demo, the machine recognized three fiducial marks to align a pre-printed mask with […]

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Design Spark: Hello World

Posted by RJ Gross on September 16, 2013  /   no comment
Design Spark Carbide

I wrote about Design Spark Mechanical last night, did not realize that the 16th was this coming Monday!  I downloaded the 64bit version and I am very pleased so far. Default units is metric (this is a good sign).  The sketch interface is very similar to AutoCAD with basic sketch and snap tools.  The 3D […]

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Free 3D CAD Software

Posted by RJ Gross on September 15, 2013  /   no comment

There have been many attempts at creating a free 3D CAD software, but many fall short in limiting features that many big name brands offer. It is tough for a designer, like myself, to use Google Sketchup or similar software when you are  exposed daily to high-end CAD packages like Inventor or SolidWorks.  DesignSpark has […]

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Helping Hands 2.0

Posted by RJ Gross on September 12, 2013  /   no comment

In Sparkfun’s new product release they came out with a clever spin to the old helping hands. Many of you know, 1.0 helping hands (alligator clips) are tough to position and the base is never heavy enough to not tip over. Sparkfun came with a CNC inspired design, machined aluminum base plate and coolant hoses […]

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3D Printer Anyone?

Posted by RJ Gross on August 09, 2013  /   no comment

To speed up our prototyping, I  just bought a 3D printer, the Printbot Plus v2. It was a fun build, like a grownup’s Lego set, taking only 20hrs to build. In building it, though, I learned a lot about their design, and it’s advantages and pitfalls. One mechanical hiccup was that some holes did not quite […]

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Toolsetter PCB Manufacture Part 2

Posted by RJ Gross on July 25, 2013  /   no comment

After burning through a few copper clads dealing with board warp and vibrations, some times plan #1 does not work out. Fancy fixture plates sometimes can’t compete with good old double sided tape. The fixture now is glorified Beater plate, we loving like to call those plates that take the beating that your table would undoubtedly would […]

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Tool Setter PCB Manufacturing

Posted by RJ Gross on July 20, 2013  /   no comment

Carbide Labs is coming out with a new low-cost tool setter for tool height measurement in CNC machines. Part of the tool setter is an internal switching mechanism made using a custom PCB machined from 1oz copper clad laminate board. In order to engrave and route the board we needed to create a custom fixture […]

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